Monday, February 9, 2009

Valentines for the preschool set

My daughter needed 41(!) Valentines to hand out this year. So I looked through a few catalogs and really liked those felt lollypop covers they had. However I was not going to pay $1 per Valentine. Plus I didn't want to make anything too labor intensive because I knew my daughter would get tired of them after about a dozen. (I am sure you know how that goes.) So we cut out 82 felt hearts (felt was from stash, woo-hoo!) and paired them up. I sewed them together, leaving a tiny hole at the bottom and a larger one at the top.

Here's what they looked like after chain piecing them all:

(Who knew they'd make such a cute garland...)

We wrote quick note using a sharpie and stuffed them with Tootsie Pops and here is the finished result:

All 41 of them:

Yes they are mismatched. Smiley My daughter likes them and we are done 3 days before having to bring them to school.

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