Thursday, January 14, 2010

Weekender in, oh, about 3 months

On the off chance you were wondering how the Amy Butler Weekender turned out that I posted about here, I am finally uploading some pictures.

And then the interior.  I purposefully overexposed this one so that you could see the inside a bit better.  

This bag was a beast to make and I am glad that it's finished.  I procrastinated way too much on this.  My poor swap partner ended up waiting about a month longer that she had probably planned to get this.  
    I do love how it turned out.  My swap partner picked out the fabrics for the outside and the interior.  We are both aware that the interior does not go with the exterior.  However, she loved the interior fabric a lot and  wanted to use it anyhow.  I really love that I was able to find a corduroy that matched almost perfectly for the handles and the piping.  Normally this bag uses only two different fabrics but I ended up with four on here.  I bought five but replaced my original choice for the piping with the corduroy fabric.

  So what do you think?  Do you like it?  I have made two more of these bags that I will probably post on here some time also.    


Andrea @ The Train to Crazy said...

I've always wondered how difficult those bags are to make. It looks fabulous though! Great job! I like the corduroy. It is a good touch.

Mellissa said...

Hi Kimberly!
It's Mellissa Fraker from Fraker's Acres. I just wanted to stop in and say THANK YOU for your sweet comment. Really, very nice. I told my sister what you wrote and I will get back with you when/if she responds. Thank YOU!

secret cake said...

Oh, it looks great. I really love that pattern but I'm afraid I'll be a total procrastinator about it...

Seeing your great results is giving me hope!


Nichole said...

i have some fabric waiting for this pattern. it is so cute but it does look a bit like it would be a beast to do. i attempted the sophie carry all around christmas and have yet to finish that. after comparing those two patterns, i think the carry all is a bit more complicated. i hope anyway. :)

what were some things that made this bag difficult for you to make?

AliciaVR6 said...

AWESOME! Thank you for your comment, I have probably the crappiest sewing machine you can buy ($60 Brother lol), so maybe I'll wait to tackle this until I know a bit more about sewing and want to invest in a higher quality machine. I had a lot of trouble sewing through a few layers of fabric with my diaper bag.